About Professional Practice


Professional practice (PP) programme attempts to bridge the gap between the world of work and academia. It is achieved by twining the world of work to the process of education, by setting the stage for experiential and cooperative learning, and by having students to work on pertinent assignments in the industry under the guidance of industry experts, and with the faculty supervision.

Structure of Professional Practice

PP is part of the undergraduate B.Tech. program that takes the classroom to a professional location for a period of 5 ½ months.

Phase Aim Duration During No. of credits
PP-I to provide students a comprehensive acquaintance to the professional workplace 2 months Summer following the second year second semester 5
PP-II to hone the skillsets of the about-to-graduate students to suit the real-life job requirements very soon 3 months Either of the semesters of the final year 15

Role of PP Faculty is to visit the organisation twice a week and act as interface between the Institute and organisation, ensure the smooth conduct of the program and evaluate the student progress and performance on continuous basis in consultation with the industry experts.

Key Takeaways & Benefits for the Industry

Key Takeaways Benefits

Benefits to the Students

Benefits to the University

Benefits to the Faculty